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4238 91A Street Northwest
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The Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton is a non-profit organization. Our motivation is to keep the spirit of rock music alive, and pass the torch to generations to come so they can experience the power and potential of music to change the world by fostering acceptance, tolerance and love.   To become a member, purchase a ticket to one of our events.


Volunteer, meet new friends, enjoy music!

Volunteer, meet new friends, enjoy music!

Become A Volunteer

***UPDATE*** We are currently looking for a few more volunteers for the 2019 Festival.

How much time is involved?
Volunteers can expect to work a minimum of 8 hours over the duration of the festival. We suggest you review the positions available, and then complete the volunteer form accessible at the top of this page. Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you with more information and opportunities.

What’s in it for me?
The Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton is dedicated to keeping rock and roll alive so that it lives on to inspire and move future generations to come. We are a non-profit organization committed to promoting peace, love and acceptance through music. In addition to joining a great cause and working with exceptional like-minded people, all volunteers enjoy the fruits of our labour that come with organizing this top of the line music festival, with proceeds helping to keep the Society and our Centre for Arts and Music  thriving in Edmonton.

What can I do?
The following crews are available for you to get involved with today. Have a look, see which area you think is right for you and then fill out the form. We will contact you to answer any questions you might have. 

This team is responsible pre-festival for hanging posters and banners around Edmonton and distributing hand bills at strategic locations.

Responsible for providing all aspects of security on site including crowd control, back stage and overnight security on-site. This includes working the Gate, Admission, Bar, Stage, and Parking Lot areas.
(ProTect Certification preferred*)

Responsible for meeting performers at the airport and driving them to the hotel. Also includes shuttling performers from hotel to venue and back, helping with luggage and/or running small errands. Must be at least 25 years of age. 


This team will manage the distribution of tickets at the gate to concert goers who buy-on line. This includes confirming purchases by validating ID and greeting and stamping guests as they arrive. 

This team will look after all aspects of maintaining the Beer Garden including stocking product, selling and serving liquor, collecting tickets and clearing tables. Must be of legal drinking age.
(ProServe Certification requested*)

On-site to provide First Aid as required. Must be first aid qualified.


This team will help prepare the site prior to the festival as well as help tear things down again. Must be in good physical condition.

Works with the volunteer captain to manage all aspects of volunteer coordination. This includes working at the volunteer station to greet volunteers, provide passes and t-shirts, securing their personal items, etc. 

Clearing debris and recyclables throughout the day. Empty bins. Assist patrons to recycle correctly.  Ensure site is clean prior to patrons entering the venue. Assisting Bar with proper disposal of cardboard and recyclables.


Assist guests on and off of the ETS bus that travels between the parking lot location and the venue stop. Collect fares and issue passes to guests using the service.  

Exchange liquor tickets for cash.  Check I.D. for patrons who appear to under 25 years old.
(ProServe Certification requested*)

Provides general assistance to all crews and vendors to assist with moving inventory and delivering supplies. Will work together with Enviro crew to ensure venue is clean and orderly. 
(Physical ability to lift 20 lbs+ required)


*ProServe or ProTect certification is offered to volunteers by The Rock and Roll Society at no cost.