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The Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton is a non-profit organization. Our motivation is to keep the spirit of rock music alive, and pass the torch to generations to come so they can experience the power and potential of music to change the world by fostering acceptance, tolerance and love.   To become a member, purchase a ticket to one of our events.

Volunteer Handbook


Thank you for volunteering for the 2018 Edmonton Rock Music Festival!

Our mission is to provide you with a safe and enjoyable volunteer experience while helping to create a successful event.

This event is much more than just a cool fest – it raises funds that The Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton (a registered charity) uses to support the Centre for Arts and Music (CAM) Program. Through CAM, we hire mentors and musicians to work with youth; to teach them how to play instruments, write songs, form bands, and give performances. In fact, you will see a number of these kids rock out on the Main and Side stages at the Festival.

Your Volunteer Coordinator, Lori Scott, and your Crew Captains and Co Captains will be onsite during the festival and available to answer any questions or deal with any issues that may arise.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, I want to thank you for your support, energy, time and sweat. Without this stellar volunteer army, we simply could not mount this Fest. I hope you have an immense amount of fun, and know you are contributing to something very meaningful for our community.

Todd Crawshaw
Executive Director

The Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton


The Edmonton Rock Music Festival is an outdoor music festival held in the Heritage Amphitheatre at Hawrelak Park in Edmonton, Alberta. This year (2018) it takes place on Friday, August 17 and Saturday, August 18. The Festival features performances by musicians in the rock genre and is open to all ages.

The festival Address is Hawrelak Park, 9330 Groat Rd, Edmonton, T6G 2A8

Who We Are

The Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton is a registered charity made up of a circle of passionate music lovers dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the music that we grew up with and love today; music that influenced history, transformed a culture and forever changed our societal landscape - and music that just makes you want to get up and move your groove!.

We carry out this mission by organizing social activities for members and their families to enjoy in a safe environment and by honoring and supporting musicians in pursuing their craft and passion for rock and roll.

We're also proud to operate our Centre for Arts & Music (CAM), aimed at mentoring a new generation of musicians, with a special focus on youth in our community.

Our motivation is to keep the spirit of rock music alive and to pass the torch to generations to come, so they can experience the power and potential of music to change the world by fostering acceptance, tolerance and love.

Volunteer Responsibilities

The Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton produces several events each year and has been doing so since 2010. Our events are among the best rock experiences in Edmonton, and the Edmonton Rock Music Festival is one of the most anticipated.

In order to maintain the quality of our events, it is important that volunteers present a positive image of the Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton. This involves undertakingthe responsibilities listed below.

  • Adhere to the Code of Ethics, and be aware of the implications of its violation.

  • Be available and on time for all assigned shifts. Please allow at least 15 minutes prior to your shift for registration.

  • If you haven’t picked up you volunteer package at the scheduled orientation you must Pick up your volunteer package prior to beginning your first volunteer shift in the Volunteer Services tent located inside the back gate at the Heritage Amphitheatre.

  • Inform the Volunteer Coordinator well in advance (at least 24 hours) if you are unable to work any of your scheduled shifts.

  • Attend all volunteer meetings. All new volunteers are required to do an orientation. If you must miss a meeting, contact the Volunteer Coordinator or your Crew Captain, to find out what was discussed and arrange to get any information related to your volunteer duties.

  • Ensure you are wearing your volunteer t-shirt and credentials while on duty. These items identify you as a member of the festival organization. Please note – you do not have to turn your volunteer t-shirt inside-out while not on shift, but please consider that when you are wearing it, you are still representing our organization; you may be approached with questions, and are held to a higher standard of conduct. If you choose to not meet those obligations while not on duty, please bring a change of shirt.

  • Be aware of all volunteer benefits and services.

  • Behave in a friendly and courteous manner. Treat other volunteers, performers, staff and patrons with the utmost in respect. Always take the high ground

Above all, be a team player. Focus on the task at hand. Contact your Volunteer Coordinator or Crew Captain if you have any serious problems or concerns.

Also, consider other volunteer opportunities during the year. The Society relies on
year-round help from volunteers.


Code of Ethics for Volunteers

Volunteers shall make every effort to represent the Edmonton Rock Music Festival to the public in a positive way and shall not do anything to intentionally discredit the Festival.

There shall be no use or consumption of alcohol by any volunteer who is on duty on the Festival site.

There shall be no use or consumption of illegal substances by any volunteer on the Festival site. Abuse of this rule will result in immediate dismissal of the volunteer from the Festival.

Volunteers shall treat other volunteers, performers, staff and the public with the greatest patience and respect, even in spite of uncalled-for rudeness or disrespect. Always take the high road, and if a problem arises, resolution should be deferred to your supervisor.

Volunteers shall make every effort to fulfill their responsibilities. Failure to fulfill shift commitments without a satisfactory reason (may require documentation) may result in dismissal from the Festival.

No volunteer shall use for their own advantage any property or monies belonging to the Festival. All volunteers must actively demonstrate honest and trustworthy behaviour.

Any volunteers in the position of Team Captain or Co-captain must set a positive example for other volunteers. They must be prepared to respond to greater expectations, take on responsibility and follow through on commitments. Failure to fulfill commitments will result in replacement of the Captain or Co-Captain.

As a volunteer with the Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton you have the following rights:

  • To be identified as a volunteer and treated as a co-worker

  • To be properly informed about the festival, its policies, programs and procedures

  • To feel comfortable with your assigned tasks and to know what is expected of you

  • To be recognized for your contribution to the Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton

  • To make an appeal should your volunteer status be revoked

  • Access to the Volunteer Services Tent with refreshments, cold water, hot beverages and secure bag check

  • A festival t-shirt and lanyard access pass

  • One food voucher for each shift worked

  • Invitation to the volunteer appreciation party (happening in October)

  • Invitation to the Lion’s Head pub in the host hotel (the Radisson on Gateway Blvd.)  post-Friday & Saturday performances



There is a limited parking at Hawrelak Park. First-shift volunteers on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning may be able to find a space within the park. However, volunteers working any shifts other than starting shifts are encouraged to use our park and ride service, located on the U of A Campus at the Windsor Park Parkade at 9217 116 St NW.  

You will pay $5 per day to park in the parkade after 6 pm on Friday, August 17, and all day Saturday, August 18, but you can ride the Park and Ride for free as a volunteer. (Festival patrons pay $2 each way to ride the Park & Ride Bus.)


Park and Ride Hours of operation

Friday, August 17: starting at 2 pm through 10:45 pm
Saturday, Aug 18: from 10 am through 10:45 pm
Friday, August 18: one bus operating from 3:30 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. and two buses from 9 P.M. -


General and Sexual Harassment

All employees and volunteers have the right to be treated with dignity and to be able to carry out their role in the organization without fear of harassment. Harassment is defined as any conduct (verbal, physical or by innuendo) that is likely to cause offense or humiliation to any person. Sexual harassment is any unwanted physical gesture or contact of a physical nature. The Rock and Roll Society subscribes to the definitions of sexual harassment provided by the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

All employees and volunteers are expected to treat others within the organization, as well as patrons, performers and guests, with dignity and respect. It should be noted that sexual behaviors between consenting adults is not disallowed, unless it compromises the public image of the Festival.

Note:  Anyone younger than 18 years of age is not considered able to provide informed consent.


Beer Gardens

Volunteers are not permitted to consume alcohol during their volunteer shifts, as outlined in the Code of Ethics. Off-duty volunteers are expected to behave respectfully and represent the Festival in a positive manner.


Emergency Response Plan

Captains and Co-Captains will be in possession of hand-held radios. If an emergency occurs, notify your Captain or Co-Captain. Possible emergencies include injured/sick patrons, fire, extreme weather, suspicious packages, altercations or security breaches.



If you have any questions, contact the Volunteer Coordinator,

Lori Scott, at 780-863-5559.